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ungh peep the P cap

Sep 14, 2010 - music video, philly, video - 0 Comments - Standard

Burn Or Get Burned by Red Richards .. Uploaded by filmexper. – Watch more music videos, in HD! hot shit from locals with international style jazz shuffle meets dubstep grime Eu.reca Sound Cloud Eu.reca Myspace

SEPTA energy

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Finally, SEPTA isn’t shitting the bed… Vehicles without regenerative braking are throwing away a lot of energy every time they brake (movement is converted into heat via friction on the brake pads). Hybrid and electric car address that problem by capturing as much of that energy as possible and converting it into electricity, and the […]


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Billy is grey GOT AN ART SHOW TONIGHT {nipped from the Whoa!} “If you happen to be in Philadelphia tonight… roll out to South Philly to see Whoa favorite Billy Gray in a photo exhibition entitled “Onward” at My House Gallery. Information on the show and opening at My House Gallery …”

artists these days

Jun 30, 2010 - art, event, gallery, philly, social, teaser, web - 0 Comments - Standard

getting new love from philly let it begin PaperMonster Ate That Little Boy Gallery Opening July 2, 2010, 6 – 9PM Artist Talk and Presentation July 24, 2010, 2 – 4 PM Vincent Michael Gallery 1050 N Hancock Street At the Piazza, near PYT and Amberella learnt bout the love from 5151


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NEW ROOTS VIDEO outstanding strong so gritty tough n relevant with out being formulaic or generic nipped form the always good philly strong 51:51

maybe the slump is over

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Have the Phillies found the solution to their lack of bats? Maybe Jo-bu is phinally looking fondly on us again….

more film

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local this time nipped from philebs second brand sponsored video we have posted today